Jack Westenberg    

Hailing from Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands, Jack plays a combination of European and American folk, mixed together with country and rock&roll.

After hearing the first chords of Whole Lotta Rosie on the radio when he was 8 years old, Jack got an instant shot of rock ‘n roll and knew that all he ever wanted to do was to play music. With time, his addiction only grew.

During his teenage years, Jack developed an interest for heavier music, playing in bands all through his teens and twenties. During the "Single day recording sessions," Jack however has made a drastic change in his musical style. Armed with only his guitar and harmonica, he records 12 original songs.

Jack is currently working on new material and recordings for "Beyond the five o'clock hell." Next to his solo gigs, he is also putting a full band together, to bring his music even further.

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